Ashte Faieq is born and raised in Sulaimania in southern Kurdistan. Ashte abandoned Iraq because he found himself greatly affected both physically and emotionally by the oppressive regime in Iraq. In 1985 he came to Denmark as a refugee. In 1998 he graduated as a social educator on Funen.

“My work is mainly concerned about my memories, my past and my personal experience. Experiences, events and situations that have a fundamental historical significance to me and my art. In my work I aim to create a bridge between my past and my present. I'm very fascinated by landscapes, constantly looking for structure and rhythm of nature, much like the earths layeringconstruction, built up layer by layer.

I mainly paint with acrylic, pastel and mixed techniques, because it suits my working method. Characteristic for my work is the variety of used materials. I work with composition and color, trying to create evocative abstractions. Figurative elements are used in abstract compositions, where old photographs and snippets of text often are included. I found my abstract paintings on handwriting, words, phrases, rhythms and movement.

Regarding my photographic works, I use my camera as a mechanical lens, mending (digital) manipulated photographic images with traditional photographic techniques. This lead me to start communicating unique visual language on the surface of the paper.”